Depending on what you like to watch depends on what Netflix movies will lift your mood but I’ve put together a pretty tight list of 10 movies that’ll lift your mood no matter what kind of films you like to watch. I’ve also put together a list of 4 movies you should avoid if you struggle with mental health and/or anxiety.

If you have any others please comment and/or let me know what you think of the list! 

9 Movies to watch to lift your mood

1. Dumplin’
Dumplin’ is a great movie when it comes to acceptance of oneself…and it has the queen herself Jennifer Anniston in it so that never hurts. The movie suronds a young girls journey to accepting her body fully after she lost her aunt who happened to be the brightest and most confident women probably ever in the film world. Although there are some down points and drama this movie is bound to make you feel good by its end. 


2. Paul Blart Mall Cop
This is classic, I couldn’t make this list without putting it on here because it is a hilarious movie that is bound to make anyone smile. The movie is about how Paul Blart who is a mall cop tries to save the mall on black Friday when it is under attack by criminals. Paul isn’t your average hero so this movie really plays into a goofy comedy. This movie is also kid friendly!


3. 21 Jump Street 

This movie makes everyone laugh and it’s one of those movies where you just think “this is so stupid” but can’t stop watching. 21 Jump Street is an American action comedy following two cops who are unlikely to be friends go to high school and live in each others shoes. It also has Channing Tatums abs multiple times. throughout the entire movie…I’m not attracted to men but damn I could look at those all day.


4. The Other Guys
Another action comedy that is so stupid it’ll make you smile. This movie follows the story of two cops; again unlikely to be friends trying to solve a massive heist in NYC. They do a great job with this movie but if you don’t like sexual references I suggest you skip this one.


5. Back to the Future 
A classic. I couldn’t make this list without putting on one of the most classic movies ever made. Time travel has always been romanticized and this movie does it justice. This movie is also kid friendly!


6. Here Comes The Boom
The amazing Kevin James comes into this movie in a whole new form; less of a funny character and more of an inspiring one. This movie follows the true story of a slacking teacher who steps up to the plate after financial cuts are enforced in his school, threatening the music department. The teacher goes on to fight in a boxing ring to earn the money for the music department (and his friend) to stay employed. This movie is also kid friendly!


7. Bee Movie
I used to watch the Bee Movie every time I was sick as a kid and as someone with anxiety that was a lot! This movie is hilarious and innocent. It also forms a cute but important view on the movement to #savethebees. Jerry Seinfeld stars and helps produce this movie so you know it’s funny! This movie is also kid friendly! 

8. Grown Ups
The last one I want to mention is Grown Ups; just like 21 Jump Street & The Other Guys this movie is so stupid it’ll make you laugh. This movie follows the reuniting of friends and their families after their old basketball coach died. This movie is also kid friendly!

9. Shrek
Again. Another classic. Shrek is agreed upon to be underrated and it is 100% true. Shrek takes other fairy tales in a goofy way and creates a tale about an oger falling in love with a princess…and it’s pretty damn funny! This movie is also kid friendly!


4 Movies to avoid if you struggle with mental health 

1. Birdbox

I haven’t seen Birdbox and it’s for good reason. I read an article about Birdbox that scared me and when I watched the trailer I knew it wouldn’t be for me. From what I know Birdbox is based on a book where people see their worst fears due to some kind of virus and then kill themselves, therefore, people wear blindfolds. 

2. To The Bone
I like To The Bone but if you are looking to be picked up; this movie isn’t for you. This movie is focussed around eating disorders and is very realistic so if you struggle with your eating I suggest not taking a look at this one until you’re in remission and can handle some graphic content. 

3. Terrifier 
I had to put this one on here because I have regular nightmares about it to this day…and I first saw it 5 months ago. This is a horror movie and it is extremely graphic, sick, and twisted. I suggest avoiding this movie because it’s simply too disturbing.

4. Girl, Interrupted 
Another movie that I do like but also one of the most triggering for me personally. Girl, Interrupted is again very accurate as to mental health institutions back in the 60’s and even some of the practices still going on today. This movie has suicide involved, self-harm, eating disorders, trauma, sex addiction, psychosis, restraints, and pretty much anything you’ll encounter on a psych ward. It’s extremely realistic and although it can be inspiring, you have to be able to get through it.
It also says that the woman in the movie recovers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) which is possible but also problematic since it is very rare and I know several dozen people who take offence to this insinuation. 

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