The amount of people who suffer from BPD in today's population


Amount of people with BPD in psychiatric hospitals


Amount of people with BPD who die from it's complications


Amount of people with BPD in the jail system

  1. 10% of people who have BPD die from complications of the illness
  2. People with BPD make up 40% of those admitted to psych
  3. hospitals 25%-50% of prison inmates have
  4. BPD 30% of people with BPD suffer from substance abuse

5. BPD is caused by both genetic and environmental factors

6. DBT is the #1 therapy for those suffering from BPD

7. People with BPD are known to be loyal, passionate, and loving

8. BPD mood fluctuations are more severe than Bipolar disorder but are very rapid in speed sometimes only lasting a couple minutes

9. BPD often has symptoms like sex-addiction, reckless driving, binge eating, impulsive behaviours, and spending sprees

10. BPD includes a chronic feeling of emptiness
11. Anger and gender confusion are common in those with BPD
12. Dissociative episodes are common for those with BPD


A real-life perspective from Benjamin…

How has this disorder affected your life?

I think one of the biggest ways BPD has affected my life was in the way others perceived me. As soon as that label is slapped on you, any time you say you believe in something or you are a certain way, people don’t take you seriously. Before I came out as Trans, I came out as gay but it didn’t really mean much to those close to me since they just took it as me being in a manic high and as soon as I wasn’t things would go back to the way they were before.  That is partially why it took so long to come out the second time around, I waited an entire year before actually telling anyone because I was afraid no one would believe me. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the help I needed so I could transition medically. Thankfully, things are changing and people are becoming more aware which of course makes it easier for others to succeed.


What advice would you give someone recently Diagnosed with BPD?

Everyone is different, so it’s important to find out how you cope and what you can do to keep yourself going.  It has taken me years to figure out how to cope with certain symptoms and I still have more to go, but it is 100% manageable. People with BPD can still go on to live successful and full lives, you just have to fight a little harder to get there. You’ll have days and even hours where it feels like the world sucks, but just keep telling yourself that this feeling will pass. Also, always remember that you are still incredibly unique, wonderful and so strong.

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