Reading week was filled with a lot of time to…well – read! But it was also filled with time to brainstorm for our MMEDIA project. As mentioned a few weeks ago in our lecture and readings, creativity is a process and we wanted to start the process as early as possible. Zee started to brainstorm for the blogging portion of the project and he speaks about the process below…

Zee Malvern on Creating the Blog

I started the base of this blog about a year ago and have been an avid blogger since, so when I found out that Assignment #2 has a blogging component I was really excited. I decided to add the blog as an extension to my regular website due to costs (for the domain) and convenience. I cleared it with our TA Jessica and started on the blog right away. 

I personally love creating graphics and I find it fun to use stock images and create art layered onto the image, be it through text or images.

The first thing I did for the blog was create the video camera graphic with text layered on that read the course code and our names. This is where I hit my first obstacle, the header image wouldn’t fit on the blog page! I use Canva and Divi as my sources for graphics and blogging and they don’t exactly compliment each other. Divi is actually known as a dead end in the blogging world because it does not mesh with any other system. People often say “once you go Divi you’re with Divi for life”, and to some degree that’s true. So, when I finished the graphic on Canva and came to add it on here, I was met with the wrong dimensions.

Canva also has its limits, the dimensions can only equal a maximum of 5000 x 5000 while Divi dimensions need 8000 x 3000. After fooling around with dimensions and these platforms I realized I had to make a decision, lose the graphic or add another element to the homepage of our blog to substitute for the missing length of the cover photo.

As you can see, I decided to try and make the elements work in my favour. I found if I kept the size of the cover photo small, it still held proper pixels and quality, but then I was hit with the second obstacle, luckily it was easy to fix, the thinness of the font I used for our names made our names illegible and strained the eyes instead of popping out. I decided to use the same font and bold it, as part of the 20 design rules outlined by Samara. 

I started to think about my regular audience on this blog and I wondered how many people would come and see this page and wonder what the heck was going on…then it hit me, add a description which can both take up an element/space and inform my readers as to what this page is in regards to, this way the smaller image can still go at the top of the page and not look out of place. The ending result was perfect. 

As outlined in “PBS Digital Studios; What is Creativity?”, “creativity is a process” and this process can include multitudes of unique ideas or it can include trying to find the proper elements to fit your product to your vision, in this instance, I had to fit the elements. 

As of right now, I am in the space of negative capability, a key term outlined in Week 4. Negative capability is not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. I have no idea what our physical project will be and what it will entail…as I said in my bio, I’m not much of a construction worker. I’m hoping when I meet up with Zhang, we can discuss the details of the physical project but until then I will continue polishing the blog and making properly dimensioned graphics.


Zee Malvern

The Creative Process

600 x 240

600 x 228

600 x 315

600 x 360

600 x 360

600 x 228

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