Zhenrui approached me via email regarding the technology craft we are going to assemble together. We ultimately chose the first thing we could think of: a keyboard. We will accomplish the printing of letters by carving 24 of them onto a plank of wood and then brushing the wooden board with black ink. We decided to visit Home Depot to buy and assemble the board.

The plank of wood cost approximately $3.24 which left us with a budget of $19.76 that we were going to use on a Epson black ink bottle which was available from Home Depot, however, we realized that this was over-budget and had to find a cheaper way to create the keyboard. We thought long and hard about different sources we could use as a base; paper, wood, candle wax, styrofoam, etc. 

As Zee mentioned these options to Zhang he realized an easier and more costly way to make the keyboard; erasers. If we used erasers instead of a wooden board then we would cut our production price and allow for easier carving. Carving wood can take a lot of physical effort and it can get pretty complicated. If we messed up on even a single letter on the wood than we would, unfortunately, have to start over from scratch. But by using an eraser in replacement of a wooden board we are gifted with the ability to simply get a new eraser to carve without losing our only product material (the wood board). 

The above photo gallery are prototypes of our design and the preparation goes as follows…


– 26 erasers 
– 1 brush
– 1 box of ink
– 1 art knife 


1. Prepare 26 plain erasers by laying them on the table in an organized manner 

2. Use the art knife to carve 26 letters onto the eraser (1 letter per eraser) 

3. Use the brush to ensure ink has filled the surface by brushing the ink across each letter individually 

4. Test the letter by pressing it down on a piece of paper

5. If assembled correctly, the letter should print clearly on the piece of paper, if it doesn’t make a clear letter, add more ink or start over from step 1 and ensure the letters are deep enough

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