The actual process of making the technology was pretty fast and simple, carving the erasers took a while to make and ensuring that the letters were efficient (able to brush ink over them and print on paper) was a quick process. We figured out that ink is actually quite expensive so we decided to use red paint which we could get at the dollar store. Carving each letter took the careful time of writing the letter on the eraser, using the art knife to carve said letter, and then brushing the paint over them. The biggest hurdle in the process was the amount of time it took to actually make the product. A steady hand is needed, concentration, and lots of patience. We were able to create the letters and publish the product within two nights. Zee lost his patience a little bit through the project due to the complexity of the letters, he’s not much of an engineer, but Zhenrui was able to carefully create the product. We made a great team and the process of creating this entire project ended up being fun. 

Creating the blog in itself was fun, the graphics and details on the blog is where we the hit most trouble.  For example, Zee accidentally created two “The Process” graphics and had to decide which one was more aesthetically pleasing to the blog. The Concept was written twice, as we lost all of our data from the first draft. We still don’t know what happened but somehow the blog post didn’t save and we had to start over. Little things such as an arrow on the blog links didn’t line up. For example, the link on our homepage to the blogs was too long on only certain links so we had to figure out how to take the link and remove the arrow for a polished look. 


Double click on the photo to see in full


How to fix the arrow problem:

Step one: Click “moduel settings”

Step two: Click on “design”

Step three: Turn ON “custom style buttons”

Step four: Turn OFF “show button icon”

Step Five: Save

We are very proud of our project, it took a lot of effort and careful planning. The bumps in the road we hit such as graphics, supplies, cost, and technical issues such as saving a post were learning paths for us to not quit until we were satisfied. When Zee was going through the arrow problem he wanted to leave it aside and say “it’s fine, they won’t care about an arrow” but looking back on the project, we weren’t pleased with how it looked so we went in and searched for a solution until we found one. We learned that teamwork is crucial to success. Zhenrui is great at building things while Zee is great at graphics. Putting these together we were able to come up with a great and successful project. Without Zhenrui we wouldn’t have a product and without Zee we would have no way of showing it. 

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