“Those who are born with a higher IQ are predicted to become vegetarians…”

Last week I published The Happiness Detox which is a mindfulness detox that focusses on cleansing the body, mind and spirit. This detox is not a diet and is built to help the wellbeing of people who suffer from mental health problems. Today, I’m releasing the first challenge of the detox known as Meatless Monday’s. “Meatless Monday’s” are exactly what it sounds like…a challenge to skip eating meat on Monday’s. Vegetarianism is a popular kind of diet and lifestyle that’s built for several reasons such as religion, to avoid cruelty to animals, or to adapt the health benefits. There are many different types of vegetarianism which can include the avoidance of red meat, white meat, fish, and all byproducts from animals such as dairy and eggs. By avoiding meat once a week you won’t just be contributing to your health, but you will be contributing to the safety of animals and the environment.

Help The Environment 

The meat industry is the #1 cause of pollution and causes more pollution than the worlds motor vehicles and transportation combined. By eating plant-based foods once a week you will be significantly cutting down the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) produced solely by the meat industry which is enough to…

  • drive around the world 2,438 times,
  • save up to 5,700 acres of land (89,000 tennis courts)
  • reduce water usage by 13 million tonnes (5,000 Olympic swimming pools)
  • more than half of the world’s crops are used to feed farmed animals, not people therefore by going green you will be helping end world hungry

Help Your Health

Bacon is actually more dangerous to your health than smoking! If a small percentage of the world started eating plant-based foods once a week it will…

  • Cut out over 885 million calories
  • 48 tonnes of saturated fat
  • Increase the number of nutrients, minerals, and fibre in your diet
  • Increase your metabolism up to 16%!
  • It will even help your hangover!

Help Our Furry Friends

Sadly the majority of our farms torcher the livestock by blinding, poisoning, and depriving the livestock.  If a small percentage of the world started eating plant-based foods once a week it will…

  • Cut down the number of unnecessary steroids used to bulk up animals for consumption
  • Cut down needless suffering
  • Help promote free-range eggs, dairy, and grass-fed livestock

By eating green once a week you will be making all of this amazing changes in the world which contributes to positive karma and a healthier and happier planet and society. If these reasons aren’t enough I encourage you to research the changes YOU can make by eating green once per week. You can also eat some delicious vegetarian cuisine, be proud and enjoy living cruelty-free. It just makes sense! 

How many animals do vegans save per year?

When was the first Vegetarian Society?

How many people could be fed by the grains currently used to fed to U.S. livestock?

How many vegetarians are there worldwide?

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