Thomas Hobbes is a famous philosopher from the 1500s that helped shape the justice system of today’s modern society. His theory of equality has manifested itself into society for over five-hundred years. While there are other philosophers and theories that have also manifested their way into today’s society, Hobbes seems to have the most relevant theory.

Put it into perspective: Hobbes theory on man has been relevant for over 500 years…if he kept up with the latest fashion trends per generation he would look a little something like the featured today.

Hobbes theory:

“Nature hath made men so equal in the faculties of body and mind as that, though there be found one man sometimes manifestly stronger in body or of quicker mind than another, yet when all is reckoned together the difference between man and man is not so considerable…”

…English please?

Hobbes believed all mankind has the ability to destroy one another given the right circumstances, therefore we need a monarchy government in which one man rules and the monarch has unlimited power.

So, like the Prime Minister?…What’s so bad about that?

Imagine yourself doing something illegal like smoking weed in the middle of downtown Toronto. Are you nervous? The smell of weed is extremely recognizable and as of September 2017, it’s still illegal in Canada. Do you keep an eye out for the police? What about people of authority? If an officer walks by, do you hide the blunt? Most people would answer these questions with ‘yes’…and that my friends is a monarchy government. A government where we are scared of the man above us. I’m a student therefore I don’t have any hold in the government, so if I get caught with a blunt I will likely get a warning and maybe a fine. If I were held any significance on the government, (let’s say I am a chief of police) the officers patrolling the streets would tip their caps rather than write me a fine…because I am higher than them on the food chain, aka. I am higher on the monarchy.

Put it into perspective: Rob Ford was the mayor of Toronto for four years ‘2010-2014’. Ford was charged $1million for damages in his alleged role in the jailhouse assault of his sister’s former partner Scott MacIntyer in 2014…he was let off. Rob Ford was also caught smoking crack from a glass pipe but was let off when Ontario Provincial Police announced they would not be entering a lengthy criminal investigation into his activities…

How did Hobbes theory contribute to the monarchy of today’s criminal justice system? 

Hobbes theory revolves around people needing to be in fear to create a successful society. He doesn’t inform us of basic human decency click here to learn about the natural knowledge of right and wrong in Locke’s theory. Hobbes also puts high significance on the white male, and was one of the many philosophers who taught society that being a white man is the highest superpower anyone can have. Click here to learn how Wollstonecraft changed the minds of millions towards giving women basic human rights. Our criminal justice system is formed around producing fear into one another to create power.

QUESTION: Are you afraid of authority?
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Hobbes is not the only philosopher who contributed to the ‘fear’ relevance in today’s society and justice system. Hobbes is a respected philosopher and has helped millions of people with his education, knowledge, and work. I like to poke fun at Hobbes because of his findings but as a student I give him the upmost respect. 


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