Zee Malvern

Zee Malvern


I am a passionate Humanities student looking to major in Theatre and Film. I took MMEDIA (1A03) because I’m interested in learning more about the impact of digital media and the process towards creativity and design. My hopes for this project is very simple; get the machine to work. I have next to no experience with building any type of construction so when I heard about this project I knew I was faced with a challenge. I look forward to working with Zhenrui and working on a collective goal towards a cheap media based working product. 



This blog is dedicated to McMaster’s Multimedia course MMEDIA (1A03). This page will feature the progress of Assignment #2 “Technology Crafts.” We will be sharing our progress, ideas, fallbacks, and journey to creating a low-tech multimedia tool with the sole purpose of replacing the more common, high tech, and expensive, media tool. This project is being completed by students, Zee Malvern and Zhenrui Zhang. Feel free to browse in the content of our journey to building this media tool.


Assignment Details

Build a low-tech multimedia tool to replace the more common, hi-tech, and expensive multimedia tool.

Zhenrui Zhang

Zhenrui Zhang


I am a passionate business student who is very enthusiastic about multimedia. I have plenty of inspirations and interesting ideas about photography and video which is why I took MMEDIA (1A03). I like movies and theatre so I believe that through the study of the course I can become more creative and insightful, which would also help me in the future of my study.

Blog Post #1: The Beginning

Reading week was filled with a lot of time to...well - read! But it was also filled with time to brainstorm for our MMEDIA project. As mentioned a few weeks ago in our lecture and readings, creativity is a process and we wanted to start the process as early as...

Blog Post #2: The Keyboard

Zhenrui approached me via email regarding the technology craft we are going to assemble together. We ultimately chose the first thing we could think of: a keyboard. We will accomplish the printing of letters by carving 24 of them onto a plank of wood and then brushing...

Blog Post #3: The Concept

The concept for our project is based off of the Gutenberg printing press which was one of the first technologies to ever encompass mass writing. This technology led to the mass production of books and knowledge throughout Europe. When we thought of our technology as...

Blog Post #4: The Process

The actual process of making the technology was pretty fast and simple, carving the erasers took a while to make and ensuring that the letters were efficient (able to brush ink over them and print on paper) was a quick process. We figured out that ink is actually...