Mindful Self-Care

Today I got the pleasure of going out onto Lake Bernard and catching some icy waves. I love to paddle but I live in Canada therefore the season for great paddling is very short. Top paddle season is simply a couple months. With ice on the water, I slipped into my wet suit, put on a sweater and hit the water.

It was instantly beautiful, the fresh and clear ice water on my face, with a slight breeze. I practiced belly breaths and dipped my paddle into the cold water. I stood up and started to paddle in Lake Bernard. The water wasn’t too deep, yet deep enough to fully put my paddle in the water with ease. Sliding along Lake Bernard with the morning sun beating down on my face was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had in a long time.

This brings me to self-care! Remember to be mindful while you are practicing self-care. I was extremely mindful on the lake. Beneath me was freezing ice cold water, and all I had was a paddle board and a paddle stick to keep me afloat. We practice self-care everyday. Half of the time we don’t even notice we are doing it.

Self-care is simply caring for your body, mind, or spirit. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, watching a movie, eating a proper meal, walking your dog, etc. This is all self-care yet a lot of us seem to push it aside as if it is a chore. When you become centered in your life and you are able to be mindful of what is happening right NOW, you will enjoy life so much more.

Don’t worry about yesterday, it’s over.
Don’t worry about tomorrow, things will come as they may.
Don’t worry, take it one breath at a time and be mindful.

As if you were on a board with ice cold water beneath you

Lake Bernard

Paddle Boarding 2015

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