Welcome to mindfulness week #MWeek! From November 6-10 I will be challenging you to do something mindful every day and each day I will be posting education and reviews of some of the best mindfulness practices I’ve tried. I am a certified yoga instructor with over 200 hours of training. I specialize in the eastern medicine Ayurveda, Thai yoga massage, acro yoga, partner yoga, and power yoga.

Mindfulness Myths

  • Mindfulness only includes practices such as yoga and meditation
  • I have to stop thinking to be mindful
  • I need to force myself to be mindful
  • It’s easy
  • There’s a wrong way to be mindful
  • I can’t do it


This seems pretty simple however, it is the basis of a good mindful practice. Different strategies work for different people. Some people can’t meditate because they begin to dissociate but I personally love it because it brings stillness and peace into some of my hardest moments

Remember that mindfulness takes time and you need to practice and be patient on your journey. The mindfulness myths I have attached are the most common questions I get as a yoga teacher. Many people think they have to be Buddha to be mindful and that’s simply not true. I’ve been practising yoga for 8 years and I still struggle to keep my mind quiet. It’s a normal response to think and it’s ok to lose focus. To have a rewarding mindfulness practice you need to learn to accept yourself first, a skill I learned in DBT known as Radical Acceptance really helped my mindfulness practice because it showed me that what is happening right now…is happening and there’s nothing I can do to change it, however, I can accept that it is happening and that will create a passage of clarity, because as humans we hurt but suffering is optional.

Mindfulness Tips

  • Get a fresh journal to keep track of your mindfulness practices

  • Radically accept that you’re going to have thoughts when you are trying quiet the mind and that’s ok

  • Get negative words out of your system while being mindful. For example, instead of saying “I hate this feeling” say, “This feeling will pass and I accept it for what it is now”

  • Stop the tracks at ‘only if…’ many events in our life have lead up to what we are doing right now. No single event is the cause of the current situation

  • Put away the phone, laptop, or iPad! Mindfulness is to BE HERE rather than in an online world reading about places or people you aren’t physically aware of in this moment

  • Use your 5 senses, smell, sight, hear, touch, taste!


Do something mindful that you’ve never tried before…


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