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Mission Statement

Opening communicative lines to McMcaster University students in regards to the intersections of mental illness while providing an opportunity to share stories in creative ways without judgement…


We are an MSU club focussed on the intersections of the mental illness community, It’s easy to get lost in the clubs focussed solely on one aspect of your life such as disability or LGBTQ+ while suffering from a mental illness. We nurture and respect everyones journey no matter where they came from or where they’re going. We offer a unique opportunity to share your story with campus which makes the biggest impact via reducing stigma and normalising mental illness. In by doing so we are able to open the floor to different people of different intersections for new points of view and community buildingThe overall goal of Passion Projects (PP) is to educate students on McMaster campus about mental illness. We publish a monthly magazine and frequent posts on our blog featuring real-life advocacy and inspiring stories from McMaster students. Passion Projects is a platform to share informative and educational stories about mental illness and heal within a safe and understanding community. We will be accepting members, entries, and features for our blog, magazine, and the team all year-round.

Our teams are four-teir including an executive team, programming committee, casual volunteer team, and open submissions. As a McMaster Student Union’s Club (MSU) we accept new applications for the executive and programming committee teams each year in the early-summer based on a public vote. For more information as to the different positions of these teams please follow the “Meet The Team” button prompts. To be a part of the executive team you must be a full-time student or have accommodations via Student Accessibility Services (SAS). 

Our mission is to open communicative lines to McMaster students in regards to mental illness and create a heavier understanding as to what it is, what can help, and create a better understanding as to the stigma of mental illness and the difference between mental health and mental illness. We want to create a supportive, non-judgemental community where people can express themselves in whatever creative outlets they feel fit while providing opportunities to share stories via mental illness in person, online, through the magazine, or simply create a bigger space on campus for talking about mental illness.