There has been a lot of heated arguments on politics lately, especially in the western community, and I find myself comparing politics towards my self-worth, especially because I am a minority. But, no matter what politicians say we shouldn’t allow people to determine our own self-worth. Diversity is beautiful and we should be celebrating our individuality rather than suppressing it to please the state.

It’s hard to remain objective when the majority of society thinks one way or another, but it is our duty to live our authentic selves with no hint of a doubt. I’m not going to take sides of one political view over the other because today’s post is about our self-worth and politics should have nothing to do with that.

As most of you know, I am lucky in to live in Canada. Canada has its downfalls like the support of indigenous people and the mental health sector, but for the most part is one of the most progressive countries known today. However, I live in Hamilton, therefore, I am very close to the border of the United States of America (USA). Some policies that have been (or tried to be) passed by their newest leader Donald Trump has left me feeling inadequate and self-conscious. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in the USA right now as a minority.

Some bills that have been (or tried to be) passed in the USA recently include;

  • Removal of transgendered veterans from the military
  • Muslim travel ban
  • The net neutrality crisis
  • The elephant and lion “trophy” legalization

On top of all of this there has also been a rise in casualties and threats;

  • The USA has the deadliest gun rate in its history with the most deaths ever recorded
  • There have been 55,678 gun violence accidents in the USA in 2017 alone
  • Tempting other countries for nuclear warfare with false masculinity

And the bullying of minorities;

  • The normalization of dehumanizing female politicians with degrading remarks
  • Dictating the freedom of expression of minorities (#TakeaKnee)

It’s hard not to take things personally when the majority of people feel one way or another, and it’s hard to see some people believe in the exact opposite morals that you were raised to implement into your daily life. Our mental health is more important than any politician. I know a lot of people don’t believe that mental health is the #1 priority, but until you are satisfied with basic needs and health, you can’t fight for social justice to the best of your ability. No matter your view on politics, mental health, equality, education, etc. you will always have someone on your side. More often than not we get our values and morals from how we are raised, this is the reasoning behind so many generations being similar. In today’s modern age, it’s easy to see every side of an argument and even easier to find a community for support. I have attached some links to popular mental health chat rooms…


It’s always hard to look at a headline and not let it affect your day when that headline, in particular, affects your daily life. Please remember, that all of the negative comments and accusations online are created with the intention to put others down. Individuality is beautiful, being unique is fun, and being yourself is necessary. Politics may get you down sometimes, it gets me down too, but remember if you take care of your mental health you’ll get to the point of recovery and be able to fight back – your story matters.

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