Meditation is one of the top mindfulness practices. I have been following meditation podcasts and iTunes albums for several years and these are the top three I have personally found to be most effective. Meditation can be difficult to begin and hard to stick to but these meditations have been able to both introduce me to a regular practice and keep me going.


Guided Meditation for Beginners

Price: $9.99
Length: 88 minutes in total
Type: Audio Meditation CD available on iTunes
Level: Beginner
Favorite Track: Mindfulness Meditation with Music

Mindfulness meditation with music

by EasyPeace

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Price: $20.07
Level: Advanced
Length: averages 75 minutes per meditation and yoga class
Type: Audio CD available on iTunes including meditation and mindful yoga classes
Favorite Track: Sitting Meditation

Meditation Oasis

Price: FREE
Level: Intermediate
Length: averages 20 minutes per meditation
Type: Podcast
Favorite Tracks: Relax into Sleep Guided Meditation, Chakra meditation

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