Today we come to the end of mindfulness week! I’m so proud of all of you for taking this week to start a mindfulness practice. I hope I’ve been able to share some recourses and education to help you along your journey. I challenge you to take today to perform some self-care. This can be anything you desire. Personally, I’m going to light a cedar candle, crochet, and watch Christmas movies. Maybe later I’ll take an aromatherapy bath with some Epsom salts. Remember, that a mindfulness practice is personalized to your life so if what I’m doing doesn’t sound like something you want to do that’s ok! #MWeek

The major lesson from this week I want you guys to take away is that mindfulness is possible no matter how much your brain chatters. There is no wrong way to meditate and there is no wrong way to be mindful. If you want to continue the mindfulness challenge for the next few weeks or even create a few months of mindfulness I urge you to do so. Remember to create a mantra (phrase) that recognizes all the amazing work you did this week!


I deserve to be cared for
I love myself
I deserve happiness
I am proud of myself
I completed a challenge to the best of my ability
I deserve self-care

Challenge: Perform some personal self-care and create a positive and celebratory mantra

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