I’m so excited to bring you guys the first of CraZee’s weekly challenges! I find that a more interactive approach to the blog will create a bigger change in our journey together. It’s harder to incorporate change into your life when I throw all of these skills at you rather than taking the practices into your daily life. The challenge day will be every Thursday morning but if applicable to the challenge you can choose which day of the week you would like to complete it. The first challenge I am going to give you is The No-Tech Challenge.

Taking time out of your day to be in the moment, without worrying about what has happened or what will happen is such an incredible tool. If you practice Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) than you have probably heard of the “Be in the Moment” skill. This challenge is a great way to get to know this skill more intimately. Being in the moment is a skill that stops us from thinking ahead or behind. If you take the time to sit in a moment, even if you are having a crisis, it’s incredibly powerful and relieving to know that THIS moment is never as bad as our thoughts surrounding it.  I chose this as the first challenge because it is a basic tool for ALL types of therapy, mindfulness is so important and necessary for both treatment and recovery.

Remember to stay accountable, if you do check your phone or surf the internet than you can stop the challenge. After an hour or two, try again. Don’t continue the challenge but don’t stop and never go back. The challenge is an hour and you will have an incredible sense of accomplishment afterwards and this will only increase when you follow all of the rules. Now, sometimes these rules can’t apply to everyone. Sometimes we need to look at a screen or have background noise and that’s ok as long as it’s something necessary. For example, I need background noise due to sensory issues but I put on my aromatherapy diffuser for the hum and the machine rather than turning to a screen. Sometimes people have screens displayed in their house by their family members, don’t get mad or yell because that’s ok. Walk away to a room without a screen and if this isn’t possible try to colour or journal instead.


Good luck!

Challenge Details

The challenge is pretty much exactly as it sounds, it’s a challenge to go an hour (or a day if you’re ambitious!) with no technology! This means no social media, no texting or calling, and no TV. It’s an hour to take for yourself and do some self-soothing. An hour without technology is harder than it sounds because we’re so used to frequently checking our phones, playing video games, browsing social-media, and having the TV hum in the background. This challenge will help you become mindful which is a necessary skill in all types of mental health treatment.


Go one hour without any sort of technology. Technology includes social media, cellphones, internet, and anything on a laptop or screen. This challenge is meant for you to become mindful, remember your supports, turn inward and self-soothe.


  • No TV or any type of screens
  • No cellphone or social media
  • No music or iPods
  • No video games, Nintendo’s, or video games on any type of screens
  • Do something mindful or self-soothe…or both!
  • Connect one-mindfully


  • Connect with yourself and try to relax
  • Remember your supports and interact with people in your immediate area
  • Take a step back from the archives of social media and connect with the earth
  • Survive the moment from within
  • Connect with family and friends and most importantly with yourself


  • Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode! Whatever is happening outside of your immediate area can wait 60 minutes
  • Chose a quiet time in your day so yu won’t be tempted to check your phone or social media
  • Stop thinking about the time…60 minutes will fly by
  • Play a card game
  • Read a book
  • Do a meditation (Podcasts & CD’s are allowed if used strictly for meditation)
  • Be conscious and in the moment rather than thinking of what is happening when you are taking this time for yourself
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Cook or bake
  • Journal or colour

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