This week I’m finally bringing module 2 into the light which will heavily focus on planning, scheduling, and goals. I will be going over how important they are to you and your pups success and provide examples and tips to create your own.

Zee Malvern

Making a schedule

Now it depends on what kind of training you will be giving your dog as to what kind of schedule you’ll need but since this post is in regards to training a service dog it will be an extreme type of scheduling, the type that professional trainers use while training service animals. Each and every hour should be accounted for, making sure that YOUR day revolves around THE DOGS schedule. It sounds a little harsh but training a puppy is a lot like having a baby, for the first 2 years of their life you guys will be joined at the hip. 


I use an app called “Habits” that is essentially a checklist for your daily goals. I really like this app especially as someone with memory loss because it notifys you when something needs to be done and using the app easily becomes a habit (I am not sponsored at all with this app I just think it’s really helpful). It’s very cheap, about a dollar a month, but if you can’t spare any expense another free app to use could be “reminders” that comes with every iPhone which is essentially the same thing without notifications (unless you manually put them in). Another great way to keep habits is to simply make a checklist or create an organizer with all of your goals and havits for the day.


Which brings me to goals! Goals are HUGE when it comes to training your own service dog. They should be attainable, scheduled, and available for edits and revises. Training your own service dog is not a linear path, you have to give both you and your pup some time to flourish. 

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