I created a campaign a while back that I never really saw through but after spending a few months browsing the mental health/mental illness forum on Instagram and seeing all of the brave souls who put their vulnerabilities out in the open has ignited the flame in me to start the campaign again and to see it through this time. The campaign is called “Warrior Wounds” and follows the stories of people living with scars as a result of mental illness. I’m taking a look into the lives of people who have recovered or are in recovery and have struggled with self-harm or scars related to mental illness. Mental illness is mostly an invisible disability so it goes widely unnoticed except to the people it haunts who unfortunately can never take a break from it. Scars are a visual representation of some of the wars we go through as people suffering from mental illness. Not all scars need to be a product of self-harm. Some scars are from co-occupant disorders, suicide attempts, drug addiction, or other struggles people have. I want to put a trigger warning *TW* here for scars, addiction, eating disorders, suicide, and pretty much anything that can result in a scar as a product of mental illness. Not every post will encompass all of these things and each post will be individually trigger updated. I do not encourage self-harm and I am a huge advocate for recovery, there will be no fresh wounds allowed in this campaign.

I want to take a minute to also appreciate the people who suffer from mental illness but do not have any visible scars. We see you, we support you, you are valid.

If you are interested in sharing your story with scars; be it visible or not; please take the time to email me for a chance to share your story on the forum: zee.malvern@gmail.com

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