Zeeganism is a part of CraZeeMalvern that I created in August 2017. It includes campaigns, fundraisers, petitions, and news about the animal kingdom. I have a deep passion for animal rights, I’m personally a vegetarian with a history of both dog grooming and walking rescue dogs. I own a rescue American Wirehair cat; Momo, and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is also my service dog; Peach. Fun fact: Momo in Japanese means “Peach” so technically both of my pets are named Peach! 🍑

This is a fundraiser for local Hamilton animal shelters! 100% of the proceeds will go towards shopping for the necessary items at the shelters specified store. If you have a specific product, charity, or shelter you would like to donate to, please specify in your donation. Thanks!

Shelters include but are not limited to…


Hamilton SPCA

Burlington Pig Save

Petition of the Month

I was diagnosed at an early age with a psychiatric disability and lost my formative adolescent years to the hospital system, but I never gave up fighting. Due to 9 years of hospitalization, I have been unable to form skills of a normal young-adult because I was always taken care of. Throughout my struggles, I never got the chance to go to high school but I was able to get my GED and I am now 21 years old attending part-time university. I have accommodations in place and attended several appointments a week but in the end, treatments aren’t working. My concentration and memory are heavily impaired due to medication, I am unable to attend work or go to school full-time, I suffer from compulsive behaviours and impulse control, I disassociate several times a day, and due to medical complications from previous treatments I have an irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, sensory processing disorder, and skin rashes. As you can see with all of these medical impairments getting an education is extremely difficult, but as someone with a psychiatric illness, I am prohibited from applying for a service dog even though the province recognizes me as a disabled person.